ESA practices (Cyber)security

Considering the context, I highly doubt the contrary could be announced but nevertheless, some bits on cybersecurity at ESA are detailed in this ESA’s publications “ESA practices security” from November 2019.

This general publication perfectly introduces what was discussed at Space19+.

September 30, 2019:

A presentation from ESA on Cyber Resilience from “ESA Cyber Resilience Team” gives us hints on what is ahead for ESA :

December 13, 2019 :

RHEA, has operations at ESA European Space Security Centre (ESEC) in Redu, Belgium (mentioned in the publication) and few news about it :

A New Leading Cybersecurity Operations Center for Space in Europe. Not much said apart from the fact that this CYCS is blending a Cyber range / training center too. In case you were wondering how much could cost a “Cybersecurity Operational Center” (definition required at it looks to be more than a Security Operations Center), the answer is around €37 million. €14 million from Belgium, €10 million from RHEA. More than the previous source.

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