Fall (partial) press review

Actualy this is a very limited press review but I have noted some articles, mainly articles from November 2019 Via Satellite issue published before or after 2019’s Cybersat Summit, all related to Access Intelligence LLC (yeah, that one was easy to find):

The Growing Risk of a Major Satellite Cyber Attack (November, 2019) : comments on Vulnerabilities (Satellite network, supply chain), Small satellites (ground stations and Open Source software- COTS perceived as threats). Vulenrabilities may come from absence of Security Maintenance, weak encryption and old it equipment, few words on Newspace

Different Industries Face Divergent Cyber Challenges (November 15, 2019)

Satellite Providers Stymied by Lack of Cyber Standards (November 14, 2019)

Three trends we see everywhere have also impacts on our cyber posture when it comes to space systems :

–          Blockchain : Blockchain: The Next Big Disruptor in Space

–          SDN Sat : The Software-Defined Future of Satellites

–          IA : Space 2.0: Taking AI Far Out (December, 2019)

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