CubeSat Postmortem

HackADay has a “Lessons Learned from a CubeSat Postmortem” article on “KRAKsat Sattellite Mission – Lessons Learned” paper published by the mission team from AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. No crucial error described in the paper is directly linked to cyber, however some are interesting: Problems with clearing the flash memory (testing… Continue reading CubeSat Postmortem

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ESA practices (Cyber)security

Considering the context, I highly doubt the contrary could be announced but nevertheless, some bits on cybersecurity at ESA are detailed in this ESA’s publications “ESA practices security” from November 2019. This general publication perfectly introduces what was discussed at Space19+. September 30, 2019: A presentation from ESA on Cyber Resilience from “ESA Cyber Resilience… Continue reading ESA practices (Cyber)security

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Fall (partial) press review

Actualy this is a very limited press review but I have noted some articles, mainly articles from November 2019 Via Satellite issue published before or after 2019’s Cybersat Summit, all related to Access Intelligence LLC (yeah, that one was easy to find): The Growing Risk of a Major Satellite Cyber Attack (November, 2019) : comments on… Continue reading Fall (partial) press review

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LoRaWAN Security

Bits on LoRaWAN Security: LoRa Security – Building a Secure LoRa Security by Robert Miller Security Review of LoRaWan networks by Renaud Lifchitz . Renaud est intervenu pour la COMET du 18/09/2018 : Space’s Industrial Control Systems Security 2nd Edition : IoT Devices Vulnerabilities : Aeronautics and aerospace security.

MITRE joins Space ISAC

From a MITRE’s news: The Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) and National Cybersecurity Center announced on Aug. 26 that MITRE will become the Space ISAC’s newest founding member, joining Kratos Defense & Security Solutions and Booz Allen Hamilton. Scott Kordella, MITRE’s executive director for space, will serve on the Space ISAC board of… Continue reading MITRE joins Space ISAC

Has a (cyber-)crime been committed on the ISS ?

Not strictly space cybersecurity related but it could be the first identity theft case seen in space (if confirmed): an astronaut may have fraudulently accessed a bank account from an ISS’ computer. Issues like juridiction, forensics and legal use of NASA’s assets are dealt with in few articles: An article from TheVerge, An article from… Continue reading Has a (cyber-)crime been committed on the ISS ?

French national intelligence strategy

La Stratégie Nationale du Renseignement (SNR) constitue la feuille de route de Renseignement. Elle en décrit à la fois les enjeux prioritaires, les objectifs qui sont poursuivis et les adaptations qui doivent en découler en termes d’organisation. This document (fr – pdf) published by SGDSN in july 2019 contains a brief chapter on cybersecurity threats.… Continue reading French national intelligence strategy