Space Ops 2020

Space Ops has a topic on Cybersecurity : 14. Cyber Security for Space Operations (CYB) :

  • IT security policies and rules
  • Active security monitoring and control
  • Accreditation, certification of facilities and staff
  • Implementation of security updates in dynamic environment
  • Link security
  • Security and Secure Interoperability
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IAC 71st goes cyber

71st IAC 2020

71st International Astronautical Congress was scheduled this fall in Dubai. Due to COVID-19 outbreak, the event has been replaced by a virtual one and is now called the 71st International Astronautical Congress – The CyberSpace Edition and will take place during 12 – 14 October 2020. Dubai will now how the 72nd International Astronautical Congress.

Program is not yet available but the paper selection has been made according to the original schedule (at least for the cybersecurity session I co-chair). This year, the Cybersecurity session (Cyber-security threats to space missions and countermeasures to address them) will be part of two symposium :


Let’s hope the program will allow presenters to attend.

CCSDS Fall 2019 Technical Meetings

Founded in 1982 by the major space agencies of the world, the CCSDS is a multi-national forum for the development of communications and data systems standards for spaceflight.

Hosted by ESA, the CCSDS Fall 2019 meeting series will be held in Darmstadt, Germany.

The Systems Engineering Area has a Security Working Group.

La Cyber-sécurité dans les opérations de systèmes spatiaux

Les COMET CYB et OPS, souhaitent organiser le 19/09/2019 une journée dont le but est de rassembler nos deux communautés pour une journée conviviale d’échanges sur :

  • La sécurité d’aujourd’hui : Le contexte, la perception par les opérationnels des impacts de la cybersécurité sur les opérations, pendant que les experts en CYBER présenteront les solutions actuelles en place avec leurs avantages et inconvénients.
  • La sécurité de demain : L’évolution règlementaire, les solutions à l’étude pour le futur, et les impacts potentiels sur les opérations de demain.

Le programme et les inscriptions sont disponibles sur le Site Evenium Cyberops.

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2019 Challenges to Security in Space

U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency has released in February 2019 a report on challenges to U.S. Security in Space (newsreport in pdf).

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French national intelligence strategy

La Stratégie Nationale du Renseignement (SNR) constitue la feuille de route de Renseignement. Elle en décrit à la fois les enjeux prioritaires, les objectifs qui sont poursuivis et les adaptations qui doivent en découler en termes d’organisation.

This document (fr – pdf) published by SGDSN in july 2019 contains a brief chapter on cybersecurity threats. The development of space communications is mentioned as one of the requirements to permanently adapt intelligence capacities and to better disseminate intelligence amongst services.

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NASA OIG report on JPL’s Cybersecurity

Jet Propulsion Laboratory made the news following the publication of a recent NASA Office of Inspector General report Cybersecurity Management and Oversight at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (published 18 june 2019 – pdf).

Especially, a raspberry pi used in a exfiltration attack was mentionned (Endgadget: A rogue Raspberry Pi helped hackers access NASA JPL systems).