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  • CLS Helps Rescue Hijacked Fishing Vessel

    CLS  Helps Rescue Hijacked Fishing Vessel

    CLS, a subsidiary of CNES, has a press release reporting how they helped rescuing an hijacked fishing vessel (and its 18 fishermen crew) in the waters of the Ivory Coast thanks to its FishWeb service harvesting localisation data from various satellite systems or payloads. I have added the press release below.

  • Cyber risks related to ship tracking using satellite communications

    A recent Cybermaretique blog’s article “L’ agence spatiale européenne finance la recherche sur les risques liés aux systèmes de positionnement par satellite“(fr), mentions an ESA contract related to cyber risks and solutions to mitigate ship tracking using satellite communications. CYSEC won the bid and has more information on the press release. Olivier‘s article gives more […]