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  • Space Force videos

    Deux salles, deux ambiances Pardon my French. I like them both.

  • HackASat (3/x)

    SpaceNews.com has small updates on HackASat challenge : in an article titled “Hundreds of hackers sign up for chance to break into a DoD satellite“, Sandra Erwin reports, quoting Dr. Will Roper from Air Force, that more than 900 participants have registered for the qualification phase.

  • Space Security Challenge

    Space Security Challenge

    As a follow up to previous post, the Space Security Challenge or Hack A Sat (HaS) has a website. Although DEFCON 28 will be virtual this year (DEFCON Safe Mode), the Final event / challenge (“Hack a Sat Capture The Flag” hosted by the virtual Aerospace Village) will happen in August and the qualification phase […]

  • Air Force’s orbiting satellite at DEFCON 2020

    This Wired story from 2019, September describes the road taken by Air Force to decide to offer an orbiting satellite for “testing” by hackers at DEFCON 28. After a F-15 fighter last year, Air Force will enable a select number of researchers to evaluate the security of an orbiting satellite from an attacker perspective. At […]

  • 2019 Challenges to Security in Space

    2019 Challenges to Security in Space

    U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency has released in February 2019 a report on challenges to U.S. Security in Space (news – report in pdf).